See notes below for special considerations for this week's results.


  • Rain storm came in and prevented regular registration. Race fees were waived. Swim was removed from the race due to thunder in the area. Racer names were obtained during and after the race.
  • Racer names in RED did a short run at the start, while the rest started from the beach to begin T1.  This was done to prevent a crowded mass bike start.
  • T1 times reflect the elapsed time at the time of bike mounting. All racers who started at the beach were given the same transition time of 45 seconds. All racers who did the initial run were assessed 1 minute for the run duration. This time was subtracted from the finish line time.
  • Racer 12 did not cross any checkpoints. Most likely a numbering error.

Bob Kearns
Bruce Chang
Clayton Jones
Deb Perry
Kiersten Gagnon (+Mike Gagnon)
Mike Donaghey