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TriFury Bike Course 2012

posted Apr 3, 2012, 8:10 AM by Cindy Regnante
I am pleased to announce the 2012 edition of the TriFury Bike Rides which kickoff this Saturday April 4/7/2012 at 9AM.   We have a new route this year, with a 20 mile option, 25 mile option, 35 mile option and in a few weeks a 56 mile option.     The 20 mile and 35 mile routes are mapped below.  
For the next two Saturdays they are milling and repaving Salem St betwen miles 1.5 and 2.5 of the new course, so we will have to detour somewhat.
The course is marked with white paint before and after each turn, with an upside down T pointing in the direction to turn.
These rides are for all members at all levels, from 14 miles per hour average to 21+ MPH.
Here are links to the maps on the interactive Map My Ride site.  If you want to print the maps and cue sheets, use the attached files.
35 mile course
TriFury 35 Mile Bike Course 2012 - N. Andover, Boxford, Topsfield, Hamilton & Ipswich in North Andover, MA | Bike Map | 
34.71 mi route in North Andover, MA - The full course for the Saturday Morning TriFury bike ride

20 mile course
TriFury 20 Mile Topsfield Ride 2012 - North Andover, Boxford, Topsfield in North Andover, MA | Bike Map |
19.84 mi route in North Andover, MA - This 20 mile course turns off the 35 mile course at 9 miles onto Rte 97 and in 1/2 mile rejoins the 35 mile course cutting off 15 miles of the longer route and the toughest two 2 hills..

See you on Saturday,