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CAAN Sports Run Clinic

posted Feb 21, 2012, 12:14 PM by Cindy Regnante
CAAN Sports will be hosting a Run Clinic on Saturday March 24th at 10 am. The run clinic will consist of instruction on efficient run technique, how to improve run technique, video analysis, and training.  Each participate will receive an eight week run training program and DVD of all the instruction at the clinic.  The cost is $90, will last 2.5 hours and is held in Weymouth at CAAN Sports.
Improving flaws with technique can make running easier, more fun and faster.  The way one trains also plays a significant impact on getting faster and more fit.  This clinic is designed for all levels and to help those who attend achieve these goals.  Paul Neat and Becky Padera are CAAN Sports athletes who before coming to our clinics and being coached by us were middle of the pack triathletes.  Their hard work and our coaching have helped to elevate them to podium finishes and overall victories.  Paul won his age group at the Cohasset triathlon in 2011 and Becky won the Title IX race for the second year in a row in 2011.
The February 12th swim clinic still has a few spaces available if anyone wants to come help them get a jump start on swimming before the 2012 season gets here.
To sign up for either clinic email: or reply to this email.
Thanks to all who pass the word out to their friends and team mates.  All the best for the 2012 season.