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2014 Awards List

posted Nov 14, 2013, 5:50 AM by Cindy Regnante   [ updated Nov 14, 2013, 6:10 AM ]
Spirit:  Any member who exhibits the TriFury spirit

Matt Bedard, Claire Cloutier, John Dao-Tran, Paul Ford, Joe Kingston, Tamara Kisieleski, Linda McCarthy, Michael Posanka, Marc Shaponick, Jack Silva, Jayson Yen

Mentor:  Any member who has helped mentored another TriFury member 

Jimmy Marsh, Suzanne Kavanaugh

Most Determined:

Robin Cain, Debra Kelly

Rookie of the Year:

Joao Cavalcanti, Bruce Chang, Mike Donaghey, Marge Heck, Deb Perry, Cameron Zamot, Noel Zamot

Breakthrough of the Year:  Those members who have been around for a while, but have had a great year, above and beyond their expectations

Scott Casper, Larry Dube, Nicholas Illsley, Tom Kinneman, Lori Meuse, Marli Piccolo, Craig Surette

Comeback:  Any member that has had an injury, and comeback to compete again. 

Bob Doolan, Kiersten Gagnon, Patrick Sheridan

Short Course:  Sprint to Olympic 
Bruce Chang, Casey Reale

Long Course:
Jason Bui, Brian Castagna, John Dao-Tran, Rich Lemoine, Brendan Loehr, Lori Meuse

Steve Seide, Bruce Chang, Claire Cloutier, Caroline Kavanagh


Robin Cain

TriFury Most Selected Races:

Male: Bryan Lyons
Female: Linda Mccarthy

Most Active on the injured list:  Any member who has been hurt/injured, but has continued to participate in triathlons

Lisa Hodge, Paul Sedgwick

Most Improved: 

Bill Hurley, Barry Lewin, Lori Meuse, Steve Moland, John Yen

Socialite of the Year:

Volunteer of the Year:

Matt Bedard, Scott Casper, Bruce Chang, Mike Thompson, Jay Powell

President's Award:  Decided by the TriFury President

Claire Cloutier


Brian Castagna, Claire Cloutier, Lisa Corbett, Kathi Cummings, John Dao-Tran, Tony Dirienzo, Larry Dube, Steven Ford, Woody Freese, Katherine Gines, Julie Jenkins, Ben Johnson, Deborah Kelly, Tom Kinneman, Valerie Koloseus, Randy Leach, Bryan Lyons, Lori Meuse, Tom Nisbet, Tim Reading, Sharon Seabury, David Sedgwick, Steve Smolenski

USA Nationals:

Yvonne Helbert, Tom Kinneman, Lisa O'Donnell, Bruce Rose

Team USA:

Caroline Kavanagh, Tom Kinneman, Sharon Johnson, Deb Sakr